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Newsletter April 2016

First Exhibit J Seminar Session - Spring Semester 2016. YAY!

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"
"If you could have a million of something (except money), what would you choose?"
"Name 3 things that you really like about yourself."
These are a few of the questions our students answered to each other during our opening session icebreaker.
Exhibit J Seminar is Growing Every Session!

Thanks to successful recruitment on social media, effective word-of-mouth from last semester's students, and essential assistance from the Almighty, we doubled our numbers this semester! The Exhibit J Family is growing and it is very exciting.
And Keeps on Growing!

Even though the semester is underway, we've been happily gaining new members each session. We had our first Shabbat retreat on March 11/12. Our students really bonded with each other. Everyone LOVED it! Can't wait for the next one! MAZEL TOV! We Just Started a New Club for Jewish Pre-Health Students on Staten Island!

Our students attend presentations by successful Jewish leaders within medicine, and gain access to a variety of internships in many areas within the medical field.

J-Health gives students the opportunity to: ~Network with influential Jewish medical and healthcare professionals. ~Learn about Judaism and its application to the medical professional world.

Our students had the privilege to take a look behind the scenes of Google Headquarters in Manhattan! We were given a tour by Yakov Okshteyn, a Google employee and friend of Exhibit J.

Like what you see and believe in what we do?

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