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2023 Wrap-Up & Reflections!

  • Posted By: Exhibit J:
  • 05/08/2024


Exhibit J Purim Appeal

  • Posted By: Exhibit J:
  • 03/24/2024

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If you are interested in:

• Joining a community of young Jewish people

• Participating in programs and social events

• Becoming successful by maximizing potential

• Engaging your mind in stimulating discussions.

• Taking your relationships to the next level

• Accessing internships & networking events

• Traveling the world with friends

Then you’ll love Exhibit J, and we’ll love you

Student Testimonials

Exhibit J is a wonderful community of young Jewish adults. It was a fantastic experience being welcomed in and becoming a part of this family... read more

Nicholle S.

Such an amazing and eye opening time with Rabbi David and his wife. Loved every moment of it and would totally do it again... read more

Isabella G.

I had no idea there were so many fun, spirited Jews my age on this island. I can proudly say that through Exhibit J, I became a more conscious... read more

Ilya L.

I feel that through Exhibit J, I have grown as a person. Meeting amazing people, creating new friendships, hearing from motivational... read more

Loren M.
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