Embark on the Most Powerful, Life-Changing Journey You’ll Ever Take!

What is Exhibit J Seminar All About?

Exhibit J proudly presents our premier learning experience:
The Exhibit J Seminar.

This exceptional ten-week study program offers an intimate and enriching learning experience.
Engage in small-group discussions, dive deep into Jewish philosophy and spirituality, and share insights in a supportive community setting.
Each group is led by a dedicated mentor, ensuring personalized guidance and a profound learning journey.

Your Pathway to Growth and Discovery

Join us and explore the richness of Judaism from the inside out.
Our outstanding staff is here to guide you on a transformative journey that blends intellectual rigor with spiritual depth.
This isn't just a seminar – it's a personal exploration into the heart of your Jewish identity and heritage.

Shabbat Retreats

Our Shabbat retreats, an essential component of the seminar, offer a perfect mix of intellectual stimulation and emotional inspiration.
These retreats are carefully designed to deepen your understanding and connection to Jewish life and community.

The Ultimate Experience: Poland/Prague

Upon successful completion of the seminar, students will have the unique opportunity to participate in Exhibit J's Poland/Prague experience during the college mid-winter break of 2025.
This experience promises to be a powerful and unforgettable exploration of your rich Jewish heritage and identity.

Exhibit J Seminar Highlights:

• A 10-week dynamic introduction to Judaism through interactive sessions and discussions.
• A once-in-a-lifetime Poland/Prague experience.
• Exploration of core philosophical and spiritual concepts that define our nation, including engaging discussions on relevant topics like love and happiness.
• Small, interactive study sessions with personal mentorship.
• Inspirational Shabbat weekend retreats.

Exhibit J Seminar Requirements

• Participation in 10 interactive study sessions.
• Attendance at 2 enriching Shabbat experiences.

Seminar Information

• Seminar Start Date: February 26
• Target Audience: Motivated students with a limited Judaic background.
• Culinary Delight: Enjoy a delicious dinner served prior to each session.
• Exclusive Opportunity: Earn a scholarship for an amazing Poland/Prague trip*.
• Location: The seminar will be held in Staten Island. The exact location will be announced upon acceptance into the program.
Immerse yourself in a world of relevant Jewish wisdom and a vibrant community.
The Exhibit J Seminar, complemented by the life-changing Poland/Prague trip, is not merely a course but a gateway to lifelong connections and a deeper understanding of your heritage.

It's the Most Powerful Journey You’ll Ever Take!

*For more details about the Poland/Prague experience, please inquire within.

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