Rabbi David Chandalov

Founder & Director

Personal Biography: I was born in Mogilev, Belarus and emigrated to Germany at age 16. There I discovered Judaism and traveled to Israel, England, and the US trying to learn more. I married and returned to Germany to share Judaism with young European Jews, before returning to the US to do the same for American Jews.

Professional Biography: My friends and I started a Jewish Youth Center in 1996, to which I returned with my wife in 2006 to expand into a regional center. We moved to the US in 2012 to work with Russian American Jews in RAJE. I finally realized a dream in 2014 by opening my own organization, Exhibit J. I’m currently working as a Rabbi at the College of Staten Island, partnering with the Hillel of CSI, and running a variety of Exhibit J programs at different places in Staten Island.

I have a life coaching practice where I coach ambitious high achievers, guiding them to create better lives for themselves and their families. I use a lot of my coaching skills to help our students.

• Beis Medrash D’Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
• Ohr Somayach Tanenbaum Educational Center (Monsey, NY)
• Rabbinical Academy Rabbi Chaim Berlin (Brooklyn, NY)
• Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Baltimore, MD)
• Mirrer Yeshiva Central Institute (Brooklyn, NY)
• Institute of Advanced Judaic Studies Orchos Chaim (Staten Island, NY)

• Rabbinically ordained by Rabbi Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, the Grand Rabbi of Gateshead, England
• BA in Talmudic Law.
• Mindset Coach at The Coaching Rabbi (TheCoachingRabbi.com)

Notable Accomplishments: Started “Morasha” in Leipzig, a learning program that became one of the biggest Jewish movements in Germany.

Favorite Part of Exhibit J: You!

Hobbies: Playing guitar – blues when my wife is absent, and classical when she’s around. I practice yoga regularly.

“I do what I do because I believe in giving back. Years ago I was given the present of Judaism, and now I want to share it with as many good Jews as possible.”


Mrs. Rina Chandalov

The Woman Behind the Great Man, CFO, Executive Assistant, and Director of Women’s Programming

Personal Biography: I was born in Brooklyn, NY, studied in England for 3 years after high school, married, graduated from college, and moved to Germany in 2006. I returned to NY in 2012 and currently live on Staten Island, NY with my wonderful husband and two scrumptious children.

Professional Biography: I worked as Financial Coordinator, Director of Women’s Programming, teacher, and mentor at the Leipzig Tora Zentrum in Germany. After moving back to NY, I taught and hung out with lovely women at RAJE as Director of Women’s Programming for RAJE U. I worked at B&H Photo in NYC as a technical writer and project manager, and now I do Logistics Management at a company in Sayreville, NJ. I’m also the accountant and women’s programming director for Exhibit J, as well as a teacher and counselor.

• Gateshead Teacher’s Training College (Gateshead, England)
• Touro College, B.S. in Biology and Valedictorian, Class of 2006 (Brooklyn, NY) (My husband made me write that.)

• Teaching Degree from Gateshead Teacher’s Training College
• B.S. in Biology from Touro College.

Notable Accomplishments: Two children. I rest my case.

Favorite Part of Exhibit J: Friday night, 25 people around the table, talking, laughing, eating my homemade food.

Hobbies: Reading. Writing. Inventing.

“I love meeting people and sharing ideas, and I learn as much from my students as I hope they learn from me.”


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