What are Tefillin?

The Torah mentions the Mitzvah of Tefillin four different times! In the paragraph of Shema it is written “Bind (these words) as a sign on your arm, and let them be ornaments between your eyes”. Tefillin consists of two small black boxes made of leather, one for the head and another for the arm. The boxes contain parchment with verses from the Torah. The tefillin is secured with leather straps. G-d instructs every male over 13 to put on Tefillin daily (except Shabbos and major holidays). Tefillin is a beautiful Mitzvah that has profound meaning. The one who wears them taps into a strong spiritual power.

What is the Tefillin Challenge all about?

It is a fun motivator to consistently put on Tefillin. It works as follows; Guys commit for a month (or 26 days) to put on Tefillin and say the first paragraph of Shema. The participants join a Whatsapp group led by a tefillin mentor. Every day each member posts a selfie wearing tefillin. At the end of the month all successful participants celebrate together in a high-end restaurant (sponsored by Exhibit J). After which each member is encouraged to form their own new group.

Who is right for the Tefillin CHALLENGE ?

All Jewish males that have Whatsapp ages 17-28 and want to be more consistent Tefillin wearers. If you own Tefillin great! If not Exhibit J may be able to provide a pair. Please note that slots are limited and preference will be given to Staten Island residents.


After you apply, Rabbi Chandalov will set up a time to meet. Once accepted you may start once a new cycle begins (about every six weeks).

For any questions you can email David.Chandalov@ExhibitJ.org

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