TEFILLIN CHALLENGE: Connect with Tradition, One Day at a Time
What are Tefillin?

Tefillin are sacred Jewish objects comprising two small black leather boxes containing verses from the Torah. 

Worn during morning prayers, they serve as a powerful symbol of Jewish connection and commitment.

What is the Tefillin Challenge all about?

The Tefillin Challenge is a motivating initiative designed to encourage consistent Tefillin use. 

Participants commit to wearing Tefillin and reciting the first paragraph of the Shema prayer daily for a month. 

In a dedicated WhatsApp group led by a Tefillin mentor, members post daily selfies wearing Tefillin to mark their progress. 

At the end of the month, successful participants gather for a celebratory meal at a high-end restaurant (sponsored by Exhibit J). 

Afterward, participants are encouraged to form their own new groups to continue the practice.

Who is right for the Tefillin CHALLENGE ?

The Tefillin Challenge is open to all Jewish males aged 17-28 with access to WhatsApp who aspire to be more consistent Tefillin wearers. 

If you already own Tefillin, that's great! If not, Exhibit J may be able to provide a pair. 

Please note that slots are limited, and preference will be given to Staten Island residents.


After applying, a member of our staff will arrange a meeting with you. 

Once accepted, you can begin your participation when a new cycle starts. 

Join us on this meaningful journey of daily connection and commitment!

For any questions you can email David.Chandalov@ExhibitJ.org

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