What is Prayer Challenge all about?

It is about developing a strong relationship with Hashem. The more we talk to him and ask for our needs the greater the connection. When we thank Him for all we have, we are recognizing G-d’s role in every aspect of our lives. Hashem listens to all prayer but the more sincere and heartfelt the greater the impact.

What is the Prayer Challenge ?

It is a fun and beautiful way to consistently focus on Tefillah (prayer). It works as follows; Girls commit for a month to read a short section of Tefilah consisting of brachos and shema. The participants join a Whatsapp group led by a Tefila mentor. Every day each member posts a selfie with their prayer page. At the end of the month all successful participants celebrate together in a high-end restaurant (sponsored by Exhibit J). It is a major bonding experience both with Hashem and with friends.

Who is right for the Prayer CHALLENGE ?

All Jewish girls that have Whatsapp ages 15-35 that want to increase their relationship with Hashem. Please note that slots are limited and preference will be given to Staten Island residents.


After you apply a staff member from Exhibit J will contact you. Once accepted you will receive a page with all the prayers. You may start once a new cycle begins (about every six weeks).

For any questions you can call or text Devora Saull at 347-351-9182.

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