What is Exhibit J Chabura all about?

What is the definition of Chabura ?

Chabura - A highly motivated and committed group of guys who, through intense Torah study, form a bond which propels spiritual growth.

It's an opportunity to delve in the gemara (Talmud) and taste the beauty and depth of Torah. Each member is paired with a chavrusa (study partner), and together they work on deciphering the gemara and its commentators. This is followed by an interactive session delivered by Rabbi Aron Fromowitz, in which he methodically elucidates each step. The Chabura provides an excellent opportunity to improve your learning skills while connecting to a great group of guys.

Who is right for the Chabura ?

A student who has some Jewish educational background and wants to take it to the next level.

When and where is the CHABURA?

The Chabura meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 9:15pm. The setting is in a comfortable shul in Willowbrook where refreshments are provided.

Exhibit J is proud to host the Chabura, which is truly life changing for all those involved!
For more information or to join, please contact Rabbi Fromowitz at 917-562-2091

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